What I’m Reading – January 2019


Kyle Sasser is a Tampa Bay Native and a professional Realtor

Here’s what I’m reading for January 2019!

A Factory of One:  Applying Lean Principles to Banish Waste and Imrpove Your Personal Performance by Daniel Markovitz

Do you find it funny when you do something, when you have some technique that you apply regularly with a lot of success, only to find out later that that technique has a name?

As I shared with my local Biztweaks Business Builders Meetup in St Pete, for me that thing is Lean/Scrumm.

The backbone of which is to find the thing that is going to have the most impact, do that thing, and then improve how you do that thing the next time.

So now that I’ve found out that there is a name to how I manage a project, or how I assemble a direct mail campaign, or how I structure my prospecting calls, I’ve been ravenous for anything and everything on the topic.  I’m sure my meeting attendees are probably getting tired of hearing it, but these methods have such a profound impact on productivity when applied long term that it’s shooting yourself in the foot to ignore them.

So this is the book I’m currently reading.  Previous books in this vein I’ve read and recommend are :

Scrumm – This book covers how to manage products and teams utilizing SCRUM methodology

Surgeon Get Better – This book covers applying assessments and why everyone can improve, even highly trained individuals.

Checklist Manifesto – A critical step that almost guarantees you provide and maintain a superior customer experience every time.

I promise next month I’ll be choosing a different sort of topic.

Be sure to follow this blog for the followup!  I will be sharing my takeaways from A Factory of One with all of my readers!