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Who is Vanessa De Souza?

At Property Real Estate Company, we believe that when it comes to finding a home what’s outside the front door is just as important as what’s behind it.

That’s why we go beyond the typical listings, by sourcing insights straight from locals and offering over 34 neighborhood map overlays, to give people a deeper understanding of what living in a home and neighborhood is really like.

We’re committed to helping them discover a place where they will love to live and where they will feel more connected to the community and to each other. It’s why we strive every day to help build a more neighborly world.

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1,300+ Available Properties


Javier S. bought a condo in St Petersburg (Gateway)
Bought a condo in Gateway neighborhood of St Petersburg

He is a great realtor. Help me to find a condo with a good price and I was only a few days in Saint Pete.

We ware able to work with a difficult seller and get documents signed while I was abroad. He made himself available to execute the sale.

Chris G. and Tara S. bought a home in Tampa (Seminole Heights)
Bought a home in Seminole Heights, Tampa

We were moving all the way from Maryland and purchasing our first home with my husband.

From the beginning he was informative, but never pushed his opinions on us or told us where we should live like other realtors we spoke with.

We had many conversations with him by phone to determine what we were really looking for and narrow down our search.

Then, we scheduled a trip down to the Tampa area to explore and really see what the best fit for us would be. In the week we were down here we had to have seen over 25 properties.

It gave us the clarity we needed to know exactly what we wanted.

A day before our flight back home we saw the most perfect house come on the market.

Unfortunately, we were not able to view it but that didn’t stop Kyle.

He went at the first opportunity and took a video for us and even attempted to draw out the floor plan for us to see.

We ended up putting in an offer below asking price and they countered and we accepted. We saw the home for the first time during our inspection and we were BLOWN AWAY! We closed on our dream property and are now living what we would consider to be a vacation lifestyle.

Robert and Rebecca V. bought a condo in Clearwater (Caribay Condo)
Bought a townhome in Clearwater

We are so happy to have had Kyle Sasser as our Realtor.

He knows the market and business side. Always helpful and patient to us.

He was able to get a reduction in the cost of our new townhouse. he was very good showing us single family homes then condo/townhouses.

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